Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mesa band's first music videosa!

Mesa insa a rock band calledsa "Jar Jar and da Bombads" dat mesa started, and yesterday, wesa made oursa first music videosa. The song isa called "Hangin by the Swamp". Anywaysa, before mesa show dis to yousa, mesa want to say dat dis hasa no sound, because wesa not completely done yetsa. But it willsa have sound soon:


-Jar Jar

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Obi-Wan's Time Machine

Wow, disa is cool. Mesa in da future! See da date of dis post! Mesa in da future! Mesa took Obi's time machine and mesa press buton, and now mesa am watching a basketballsa gamesa between the Gungans and the Naboo atsa Swamp Stadium! And mesa posting withsa a laptop thatsa comes outsa 2 weeksa from when you guysa are! Dis is so cool! By the waysa, Podrace Championship was wonsa bysa Hoog Ba, if yousa want to makesa a betsa onsa dat. ;)
Anywaysa, mesa found out mesa gonna crash tomorrow insa you guys time so mesa not gonna go driving tomorrowsa. Um...Whatsa elsesa, A new model lightsabersa is comin out, so Yoda, start savingsa up. Umsa, uh-oh, heresa come security. Better lea-

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Mesa needsa yoursa helpsa!

Mesa angry. Mesa village is poor, mesa know dat, but nowsa they are sellingsa swamp-front propertysa to Coruscant Pollution Control & Co (CPCC). CPCC isa planning to build factorysa to dump toxic wastesa from Coruscantsa in mesa SWAMP!!!! NOOOOOOSA. Dats why mesa raising an army to torch da factorysa once it isa builtsa. So, I needsa allsa da Star Warsa peoplesa mesa cansa to come withsa mesa! Sith and Jedisa alikesa! Pleasesa, comesa, mesa no wantsa my swampsa to turn to thisa:


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in Black!
Mesa hit the sack
I been too longsa
Mesa glad to be back
Yes, Mesa deadsa loose
fromsa the noose that's kept mesa hangingsa aroundsa.
I'm just, uh, livin'sa on the sidesa 'cause it's gettin' me highsa,
forget the hearse cause mesa never die.
Mesa got nine lives, cat's eyesa,
each and evry onesa of themsa is wondrin whysa,
cause I'm backsa!Yes, I'm backsa!
Mama, I'm Backsa!Yes, I'm backsa!
Well, I'm backsa, backsa.
Well, I'm backsa in blacksa, yes I'm back in blacksa! Ow!
Back in the thingsa,
I drive a Cadillacsa,mama,
one with a bullitsa,
I'm a powersa pack.
Yes, I'm in a bandsa,with a gangsa,
they've got to catchsa mesa ifsa theysa want me to hang,
cause I'm backsa on the tracsak and I'msa beatinsa the foxsa,
nobody's gonnasa get me onsa another rapsa.
So looksa at mesa now, I'm jusst,
uh, makin' mysa bread,
don't try to pushsa yoursa lucksa, just get out of my waycause I'm back!
Yes, I'm back!
Well, I'm back!Yes, I'm back!
Well, I'm backsa,
Well, I'm back in blacksa, yes, I'm back in blacksa.
Well, I'm backsa!Yes, I'm backsa!Well, I'm backsa!Yes, I'm backsa!Well, I'm backsa, backsa.Well, I'm back in black, yes, I'm back in black.
Well, I'm back, back,Back, back, back, back,Back in black, yes, I'm back in black.
(solo & fade)